I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and attended Princeton University, where I majored in psychology and neuroscience. After spending one year doing research in schizophrenia at The National Institutes of Health in Maryland, I moved to Boston for medical school at Tufts University. During medical school I collaborated closely with mentors in forensic psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and these experiences confirmed my decision to become a psychiatrist.

My education continued at UCSF, where I developed expertise in both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. I spent my final year of residency as Chief Resident of Outpatient Services, after which I underwent additional fellowship training in the area of forensic psychiatry.

Throughout my career, I have produced scholarly work in the form of articles, books, and lectures on different areas of interest in psychiatry for both academic and popular press. You can read more about my educational background and ongoing projects in my C.V. and at drgopalmd.com.