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The type of people that come to my practice are disillusioned by the lack of quality care in the mental health industry. They want the best and have yet to find a doctor who can truly understand them. My patients are frequently leaders in their field, highly intelligent, and successful in some areas of their life but struggle with their mental health, relationships, and sense of well-being. 

I also see patients with complex psychopharmacological needs and mental disorders such as bipolar, major depression, addiction, Asperger syndrome, and other severe issues that other doctors may not be comfortable treating. I keep my private practice small so I can offer the highest level of care, be available by text, phone, and email, and meet with my patients multiple times a week if needed.

Contact me about my current rates and availability here: drg@drgopalmd.com

Holistic Adolescent Evaluations

After over a decade of treating adolescents, I’ve learned that parents are receiving bad advice on how to prepare their kids for the world. Parents are confused and even terrified by their child’s self-destructive choices, and mental health professionals have good intentions but frequently do more harm than good. I’ve found that the best approach to help teens who are struggling is to be honest and challenging while expressing empathy and compassion for the mix of emotions that is typical of adolescence. I encourage them to take responsibility for their life instead of being victimized, and I empower parents to set boundaries and be a role model of what it means to be self-reliant and successful in the world. 

Learn more about my adolescent evaluation services here: marinfamilywellness.com

Expert Consultations

For years, prospective patients from around the world have contacted me desperate to find better care. I know that a good psychiatrist is hard to find, especially in areas that are underserved. In order to help more people get the care they need, I’ve expanded my medical licensure beyond California. Contact me to find out in which states I am currently licensed to provide ongoing psychiatric care. I am also available to offer a one-time comprehensive consultation with treatment and medication recommendations for those outside my practice area or simply seeking a second opinion. I’m sorry but I cannot provide referrals.

Men’s Wellness

The American Psychological Association has taken the stance that traditional masculinity is “harmful,” and I think that’s an egregious error. In the age of “toxic masculinity,” men need an advocate who can help them navigate an increasingly hostile social landscape. I have been strident in my defense of masculinity and have helped many men in my private practice reach their potential without suppressing their true nature. I also regularly work with couples to help them better understand their differences and improve their communication and intimacy.

Learn more about my thoughts on men’s mental health here: Reviving Romeo 

About Dr. Gopal

My mission is to help the people I work with realize their potential. I am not a passive psychiatrist. I give advice, I am challenging, and I am deeply committed to bringing my best self to every session.

I offer my patients the tools to conquer their mental demons, find greater satisfaction in their relationships, and lead purposeful and authentic lives.

Learn more about my training and background here: drgopalmd.com